Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This One's for Jackie

Not that my other fives of readers can't read this post as well.  Hope my buddy's Avant-garde theatre videos did not scare anyone too much.  

Ok just watched AI on the actual tv.  Goodness I detest watching commercials, especially the same ones over and over.

I must say I love MJ's Big Blog for AI info. Thank you Jackie for the heads up.

Anoop, did not get to see him perform, read that he did an Usher song that I would not have recognized anyway.

Megan, saw her unfortunately.  Hot Mess.  Like Usher I've heard of Lauren Hill but would not recognize her work.  Megan is awful.  Not only is she awful she is delusional.

Danny ok he can do Country and Christian Contemporary.  Can we just get him the record deal now so his fans can enjoy him and I can move on.  I suppose that last sentence was rather self indulgent of me.  Rascal Flatts, yes I've heard of them, no I can't place them.  Do we see a trend here?

Allison a song I recognize by a group I've heard of before.  I thought it was sloppy.  I don't see why the judges spent so much time talking about her outfit. Don't the contestants have people who pick out their clothing?

Scott, the second song and artist I'm familiar with of the evening.  Two points to anyone who can tell me in comments, without google, the name of Billy Joel's first band.  I had a friend in high school who had it on vinyl.  I want to like Scott but I just don't like his sound.  

Matt I've never heard of Fray or this song.  Meh.  It felt forced.

Lil, unfortunately I'm somewhat familiar with Celine Dion but have never heard this song before. I really want to like Lil.  Pretty much anything by Celine Dion is not a good choice. Lil's kids are super cute and that little one clinging to Randy was sweet, but let's not play the cute kid card please.  

Adam did a song I know, could not have told you the artist or the year or anything but I've heard it done in karaoke I think. Trying to remember where I've heard it, multiple times.  I'm going to ask Dave tomorrow if he did this song when we used to karaoke regularly.  Loved Adam. He owns that stage and he was gracious to the band. Part of me does not want Adam to win so he can just move forward and go straight to a record deal or Broadway.

Adam is to Showman as Megan is to Hot Mess.

Edited to add that I remember where I heard Play that Funky Music over and over.  Dave played songs like Play that Funky Music, At the Car Wash, Disco Inferno, etc and dance with Evelyn in the basement when she was a baby.  She would fall asleep to Disco Inferno.  Dave tends to sing along quite a bit.  That's where I heard this song, over and over.

Kris I actually like this song.  Trying to figure out what version I've heard over and over.  I found it on you tube and I don't think it's the original Bill Withers version, or the Sting version.  Did Ziggy Marley do this song?  The Ziggy Marley one I found on you tube is not the one I'm thinking of.  Did Bob Marley do this?  I know so little about this genre so I'll just stop.  I did not like Kris's interpretation.

It probably did not help that I was in a foul mood when I finally sat down to watch the show.  That and I'm stuck on my micro hedgie project.  Ran out of fun fur and can't find it locally.  Debating ordering a skein online. Maybe I'll felt the full sized hedgie.  Felting a hedgie is always fun and satisfying.  I'm feeling frustrated trying to just knit from stash.  It can be exhilarating to figure out how to make something fun out of just what you have on hand but it can also be frustrating.

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Jackie F. said...

"Adam is to Showman as Megan is to Hot Mess." That's a good one! Yeah, she needs to go home. I also want to like Lil and Scott, but they just don't cut it for me anymore. Allison started out great I thought, but then fizzled the second half. I like her, though. Anoop and Matt, meh. Adam did great, although it wasn't a favorite performance for me. I thought he did one too many upper-range gymnastics. I don't like Rascal Flatts, but I thought Danny did the song justice, and he wisely didn't mention his late wife despite the gut-wrenchingly obvious song lyrics. Kris was my favorite tonight. I hadn't really liked him until now. He's the dark horse that Matt should've been. If Matt doesn't gain some confidence, he'll be gone soon, unfortunately :-(