Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Time to Say Goodbye

to the HOT MESS.

Goodness gracious. Tonight's AI was how not to leave with dignity and class. I have no productive comments about David Cook or Lady Ga Ga. Did not watch AI last year and had never heard of Lady Ga Ga before.

I will say that I must give Ryan Seacrest credit for how well he maneuvers Scott around the stage. Seacrest somehow manages to get Scott where he needs to be in a somehow respectful way. So maybe Seacrest is not a total tool.

On to knitting. I tossed the stash and am giving Reid another go. I crashed and burned a few years ago attempting to knit this sweater for E's first day of preschool. Turns out there was a mistake in the lace chart. So I'm trying again. Thankfully I bought enough yarn for the largest size and E is a petite little blossom of a girl. I cast on and am three torturous rows in. Oh boy am I up for a lace sweater?

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