Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AI Inducgence and Hedgie Love

Ok watched AI tonight, on my couch in front of the actual tv. I'm sort of between projects, have a few uninspired fsm's to finish by the end of the month and the melon colored Micro Hedgie continues to languish. So I went stash diving and brought out the last of my Mother's Day Malabrigo and cast on a pair of mitts. I'm doing them two at a time on two circs!

Ok on to AI chatter. I was hoping for more scathing Quentin Tarantino but we got the fuzzy huggy Quinton tonight. Regardless he seemed excited to be there.

Allison - “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith

Going first really does suck doesn't it. I thought she was under pitch for most of the song. I think this was one of the weaker song choices of the evening, too commercial, too over the top. I want to like Allison but the performance was a bit painful and was not thrilling.

I'm so glad this was not a Disney theme night.

Anoop - “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams

Another over played song but Anoop did a lovely job. Probably one of his best performances.

You know Anoop should do a guest apperance with Straight No Chaser. That would be fun.

Adam - “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf

Yes I'm an Adam Fangirl. But I do agree with Simon tonight's performance was not as riveting as Mad World. Mad World was lyric, haunting, sexy cosmic emo goo bathed in blue light sitting in a Navy 1006 chair.

Adam has set the bar so high. I hope he can keep his performances at a high level of intensity and creativity. As predicted Adam went high energy, while the rest of the pack went ballad. We got to see a glimpse of Adam Glam Rock Lite. Love the haircut and costuming. LOVED Adam's interaction with the band and the Backup Singers. Everyone looked like they were having fun. Adam is a performers performer.

Edited to Add Dave's take on the performance. Dave and I were discussing possible song choices during dinner. He kept coming back to Billy Idol. Rebel Yell was a popular guess before the official spoilers came out. So Dave watched the video, after finishing the 4th installment of the Homestar Runner game. Anyway. Dave agreed with Simon thought Adam did a good job, but it was not as good as Mad World, and the song choice was not ideal. Dave would have liked to hear White Wedding by Billy Idol.

I heard some vintage GNR there for a bit. I'm far from a GNR aficionado, but they had a cool sound before their decent into personal issues.

Matt - “To Really Love a Woman” by Bryan Adams

More Bryan Adams, yawn. So over played. ugh. Part of me wants to like Matt. The performance was forgettable.

Danny - “Endless Love” by Diana Ross

Kudos to Danny. This was his first performance that I enjoyed. Loved the harp up front with him on stage. The performance was gentle and heartfelt. He went sans glasses which made him look like Kris to me. Dave came upstairs at the end of the show and watched the little recap. I was sitting there watching and knitting and running commentary for Dave but not really paying attention. I thought Danny was Kris, then Kris came on and I went "Where was Danny" and Dave was all that was just him.

I love glasses and I love funky glasses but seeing Danny without his glasses makes me wonder if his reported 18 pairs (yes I'm jealous) are wearing him and not the other way around.

Kris - “Falling Slowly” From Once

I've never heard of this song or the movie. So I have no preconceived notions about this song. I like Kris, he was pleasant to listen to but was not exciting or inspiring.

Lil - “The Rose” by Bette Midler

Oh Lil. I wanted to like you so much, but you lost me tonight. I'm sorry but I'm done. Admittedly I have some baggage on this song. Tracy used to sing this one for karaoke, in addition to Alone, she had a sizable list she would sing. I hear Tracy when I hear this song and Lil just did not nail this song. I just could not get into the mixed up interpretation. I'm sorry but the show ended up as a big ol Hot Mess.

I'm looking forward to seeing Jennifer Hudson perform tomorrow night. She was an inspiration in Dreamgirls. I think she has carried herself with grace this past year. Then there is Ms Hudson's foil who will also be performing.

I want to get some Hedgie pics posted but my Easy Share software is not being easy, it's being bloated and stubborn so I'll post the pics later.

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Jackie F. said...

"Then there is Ms Hudson's foil who will also be performing."
Good one! I heard that Jennifer's co-star from Dreamgirls Jamie Foxx recently said something about the "foil."

I'll have to get my AI post up tomorrow since it's too late now. My favs tonight were Danny, Kris, and Adam. Danny really did well I thought. The song Kris sang won the Oscar last year for Best Song. I thought Kris did an excellent job interpreting it. The rest I'll leave for my blog post :-)