Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Why did they just save Matt?



will leave next week.

Next Week is Disco Week!


No more saves buckaroos!

TWO will leave. Five will remain.

It's like Thunderdome and I'm sorry but Lil is no Tina Turner.

Must calm down.

Jennifer Hudson was lovely. I have not listened to her album, congrats of course for the Grammy. The song selected felt cluttered for her performance. There was so much going on behind her lead vocals, either back up singers or her overdubbing herself I could not tell. Between the lead and all of the background with her singing alone on that bare stage it just did not fit. Was she singing along with a pre recorded track? I think she was actually singing with a live mike. The performance was cluttered and barren at the same time.

I actually sat through Ms Hudson's Foil's performance. I feel a rant coming on that would be neither productive nor becoming so I'm just going to let this lovely child actor turned diplomat speak for me at this time.

see more Lol Celebs

In knitting news the Pink Micro Hedgie is felted and has eyes. I have a larger sized eye that I might use for a nose, but I have not decided.

Hedgie all knitted up and unfelted.

Hedgie felted and with peepers. Palette seems to felt more like Telemark then WOTA unfortunately. I'm a bit disappointed in how the Palette felted but it's still a super cute little Hedgie.

Check out what my daughter wore to school today. Turns out it was group picture day. We did not know today was class picture day.

So E comes into the bathroom this morning dressed all in black and gray. I'm wearing purple cords, a lilac tshirt and a grey short sleeved cardigan tshirt type top. E declares that we are both dressed like Manatees today.

My daughter dressed up like a Manatee.

A small part of me is a bit mortified. The picture does not show the Safety Town Stop Light emblazoned on her back. Yes she is wearing the tshirt backwards, purposefully. I'm actually quite pleased with her creativity. She was so happy this morning to announce that she was dressed as a Manatee.

In other knitting news before I go off to read American Idol fan sites, I'm so obsessed, I am working on a pair of Malabrigo Mitts. Oh the Malabrigo is pure bliss. It's so soft and fabulous. I'm knitting them two at a time on two cirs. I think I already mentioned this WIP in the last post but I don't care they are fab.

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