Monday, April 06, 2009

Hedgie Fever

I currently have 3 Hedgie WIP's. The black and tan is waiting for felting. I'm out of yarn again on the micro hedgie, oh it's cute and little and fun. I cast on a third hedige in red and black with boa. After knitting micro hedgie the regular sized hedgie feels HUGE. The plan is to get some pics of a regular sized hedgie with micro hedgie unfelted for scale. Then I can felt the black and tan hedgie. Who knows at this rate I might have the red/black hedgie done to felt with black and tan.

I made Amish Friendship Bread with the kids today. Sometimes it's fun to bake with the kids and sometimes it is really frustrating. Today it was frustrating. The resulting bread is good but tastes quite a bit like my Wine Cake recipe, just with more work and less booze. I'm going to try cinnamon and sugar coating on my next wine cake. We shall see.

E is thankfully back to school this week. I don't' know why they had spring break so early. She goes to a public school so spring break is not automatically tied to Good Friday or Easter weekend.

I'm still waiting for the next In Death book from the library. The one after the one I want is in and I continue to languish at 2. Grr. In the interim I've spent way too much time on AI themed messages boards the last few days. I think I've hit critical mass and will be able to look away for a bit, at least until Tuesday night.

Thankfully Dave does not mind my Adam Lambert obsession. He's seen this behavior before just with different men. I think the massive man crush was John Barrowman. Sigh. I wonder what the next fixation will be.

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Bean Counting Knitter said...

Bummer I didn't have enough of that fun fir. I was so hoping it would be enough. :-(