Thursday, April 02, 2009

What Should Adam Sing?

My knitting is stuck. The lace sweater is not happening. It's just not the pattern for me to knit.

In good knitting news Cathy from knit knite has a skein of Mango fun fur she is going to give me toto finish the Micro Hedgie. Thank you Cathy! There is much anticipation surrounding the Micro Hedgie. I must finish it in all of it's tiny glory.

Apologies for this turning into an AI blog, at least for now, don't worry the AI posts will stop eventually.

Next week's theme is songs from the year you were born. The Adam fan group on Ravelry posted a link to the top100 songs from 1982. I recognized more then I expected.

I wonder how many he will have to chose from as they try to get song rights. Here are a few I think could be fun.

1. Physical, Olivia Newton-John Adam could go and update this one with his own spin. Embedding is disabled on this one.

2. Eye Of The Tiger, Survivor Can you imagine? I think Adam could pull this off. Now that I think of it I'd love to hear my husband attempt this one, not sure if he has this in his range at the moment. This song has a theme of survival, of fighting for something. Hmm.

3. I Love Rock N' Roll, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts Adam's tribute to Joan Jett? He could be a dark and surly? The younger crowd will know it from Guitar Hero. Hey it's the only Guitar Hero song I've made it through. Would rather knit.

8. Hurts So Good, John Cougar Come on Baby! That would be John Mellencamp now. More embedding disabled action. Adam could totaly twist this one all dark.

11. Tainted Love, Soft Cell No embedding on this one. I like this one. Adam could do the whole dark, industrial thing. Just checked out the Marilyn Manson version. Goodness. Reminds me of parties Dave and I used to go to back in the mid 90's till I got pregnant with E. I miss going out dancing.

16. 867-5309 (Jenny), Tommy Tutone Can you see the audience singing along? Ok, maybe the over 30 crowd. This one get's stuck in your head.

19. Waiting For A Girl Like You, Foreigner Hmmmm. Would he change it to Waiting for someone like you?

22. Always On My Mind, Willie Nelson As a ballad? Willie rocks. No embedding for you! This song might draw in the more mainstream middle America demographic. I've been reading Vote for the Worst. Dave and I decided that I would indeed be considered a HouseFrau acording to VFTW. Whatever.

25. We Got The Beat, Go-Go's Full on high energy Adam? We are too cool to be embedded. Could Adam pull off a girl band song?

30. Who Can It Be Now?, Men At Work This could be comical. You tube is staying this is 81. Might not be the theme he wants to convey, there is a lot of stay away, I'm not here imagery in the song.

34. Open Arms, Journey I think Adam might just be able to pull off Journey on his own. Love it or hate it Journey is not easy to perform. The range needed is crazy high. Might as well pimp out a recording of the BIL doing Loving You by Journey.

37. Even The Nights Are Better, Air Supply Since I found you....ok maybe not.

44. Private Eyes, Daryl Hall and John Oates Hmm I don't usually like a lot of eye makeup on men but Adam has amazing eyes. Seriously check out Adam's eyes in the latest AI Ford commerical. Yes he's gay and I don't care. Who am I kidding I think Biillie Joe Armstrong from Green Day is hot, at times.

58. Think I'm In Love, Eddie Money Maybe Embedding is disabled so you can check out the link. Maybe not. Bit meh.

67. I Ran, A Flock Of Seagulls Could Adam pull off the Flock Of Seagulls guy's hair? After watching the video I'm not so sure about this one.

73. Don't Stop Believing', Journey Already did it as a group song this past week.\

Ok I just spent way too much time on this post and on you tube, but I had fun. I think Adam can pull off just about anything he chooses and can get the rights for. I'd love to hear Eye of the Tiger or Tainted Love. I think he could rock Tainted Love in full on Glambert mode. If he wants to play it safe then he can go for a ballad and middle America with You Were Always on My Mind by Willie Nelson.

What do you think Jackie? Anyone? Am I full of it? Way off? Right on? Are you just waiting for the knitting love to return?

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Jackie F. said...

Karen, somehow I missed this post! Right now I'm trying to figure out which Disney songs woould be the best for each contestant. We'll have to talk AI tonight :-)