Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ok I was a bit off, but not with the Hedgies

I was off by a country mile with my list of songs for Adam to sing tonight on AI. I've heard of Tears for Fears of course but was not familiar with Mad World.

Tears for Fears version

Cover by Gary Jules and Michael Andrews for the movie Donnie Darko

Ok here is a video of Adam's performance tonight. I must say the childhood picture with the cowboy hat is too cute! Want to squeeze! Audio only.

Adam stripped it down, literally and figuratively. My current guilty pleasure is reading Adam Lambert fan forums. I know, I know. Like I said guilty pleasure. Well there was much chatter about Adam performing naked and in a sense he delivered. The arrangement was a bit bare. Adam dialed down the vocal gymnastics and the hip gyrations. We have an old, not that large TV so I did not get a great look at his face but it looked like he was wearing very little makeup and his hair was trimmed to look more like his audition. I'd read that his hair can't take much more processing with all of the multicolored highlight action. I'd say the performance was low key for Adam but still filled with energy and focus.

After listening to the song a few times to hear the lyrics I think the oppressive lighting made sense for the song. You could 'see right through' him bathed in light as he sang. Adam was telling a story, it could very well be his story. It was theatre, and no that's not a bad thing.

I keep reading that Adam is googling himself, taking the good and the bad into consideration to fine tune his performances. At first I was wondering if he wanted to win this competition, if he was only using AI to be a spring board for a larger music career. But with his continued adjustments I'm starting to think he might want to actually win. I like the eyeliner and the flogger on the belt loop and the black nail polish, and the gyrating hips and the counter tenor rocker stratosphere vocals, but I also like the toned down version as well. I hope Adam can remain flamboyant, artsy, fabulous Adam.

Ok while I'm hear I might as well give my impressions for the rest of the contestants.

Danny Gokey - “Stand By Me”

Ok, not memorable, but Danny is not my thing. My heart breaks for his loss.

Kris Allen - “All She Wants To do is Dance” by Don Henley - Played electric guitar in the mosh pit

Kris is doing better. He was working the crowd a bit in the mosh pit. I like Kris.

Lil Rounds - “What’s Love Got to Do with It” by Tina Turner

Oh Lil. I want to like Lil. Ok I really like Lil the person but Tina was a bit too big of a bite for Lil. I LOVED her video with her Mom telling it how it is regarding Lil's name.

Anoop Desai - “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper
I like Cyndi Lauper and I want to like Anoop but Anoop is just not doing it for me. What was up with the photography hate on his parents in the video. Anoop's parents seemed to be doting, loving parents who wanted to document his childhood.

Scott MacIntrye - “The Search is Over” by Survivor - Played electric guitar
Scott and Lil are very similar for me, I think they are fab people who are talented but their performances are not strong. I give Scott credit for getting out from behind the piano and playing his guitar. He is so charming. Loved the Punk comment. I will say that I like how Scott is included in the show, accommodations are made but it's not a huge deal. At least that's what I see, a talented musician who happens to be sight impaired.

Allison Iraheta - “I Can’t Make You Love Me” - by Bonnie Raitt
Allison and her Mom are adorable. I wonder if I was the only one who felt a little dirty listening to a teenager sing that song. I can come off as a prude in person, but I'm not, not really, but that song was a bit racy. Maybe I do need to go out dancing. I thought Allison did a great job. I just felt dirty listening.

Matt Giraud - “Part Time Lover” by Stevie Wonder
I keep reading about Matt's confidence issues, stage fright, whatever you want to call it. I thought he seemed quite confident and looked a bit like JT rocking that hat. Stevie Wonder is a big bite to take, much like the fabulous Tina Turner. I think Matt overreached. I almost hate to say this but E can scat better then dear Matt. He was competing with the backup singer/s at the end with the scatting. Oh Matt.

Adam Lambert - “Mad World” by Tears for Fears

See above. I'm a fangirl.

I"m also a Knitter and I have KNITING CONTENT to share, Hedgie Content.

Three Hedgie WIP's from left to right we have Flocked Hedgie in Boa and Paton's Classic Merino, Black and Tan Hedgie in Telemark and WOTA, and Micro Hedgie in Pallette.

Black and Tan took three trips through the wash to felt. Telemark will felt, but not nearly as well as WOTA. Thankfully I'm pretty much through my meager Telemark stash. I finished knitting Flocked Hedgie watching AI tonight.

Hedgie side profile time. The photo does not convey the soft flocked goodness of the Boa, it's lustrous and super soft.

The plan is to felt Flocked Hedgie tomorrow. Then assemble both hedgies in time for this week's Knit Knite for Hedgie love.

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Jackie F. said...

OMGosh, I was going to say something on my next blog about that exact youtube video you posted of Mad World (Gary Jules version)! That's a cool video! I love the animated formations made by the kids.

You know what was funny? When Adam sang that song, I found that I somehow knew all the words and wondered why. I'm a Tears For Fears fan, but didn't remember them singing it, especially after hearing it on youtube. When I checked out youtube, I not only found the Gary Jules version showcased in Donnie Darko, but I also found out that REM covered it, too. Now I'm not sure whether it was the REM or Gary Jules that was played more on the radio or who lays claim to that arrangment. They sound so similar. I also noticed that in a somewhat recent Tears For Fears concert video that the original artists did it the Gary Jules/REM way.

I can't believe I haven't seen Donnie Darko -- I'll have to rent that sometime...