Thursday, April 16, 2009


I loaded itunes for the first time to buy Dr. Horrible's Sing a Long Blog. Thing is I despise itunes as a media player. In my experience itunes is bloated and bossy. So I reveled in NPH love for several months, grew tried of itunes and took it off my machine.

Then along comes my latest Fan Girl obsession. Itunes went back on my machine, but I have not purchased anything yet. I'm waiting a bit longer for several reasons.

This past week boasts three studio songs I might just purchase, maybe. I finally listened to Anoop's rendition of Everything I do I do it for you. It's lovely.

After a bit of research on Falling Slowly I'm really enjoying Kris's interpretation. He's been a bit under the radar. Sort of in the background being all cute.

While I'm not thrilled with the thrown together mix on Adam's latest track I must admit I enjoy his interpretation of BTBW. It's like Manson lite, cleaned up a bit to make it more marketable.

I heard the studio version for the first time last night, way too late. I listened to the song only once. I was transported to around 10 years ago. Still single, childfree, in grad school, and going out to immensely fun, wild parties with Dave up in Cleveland where the bass rattled your insides.

In knitting news I'm nearly finished with the Malabrigo Mitts. I forgot my size 7's to finish them at knit knite. Maybe I'll finish them tomorrow we shall see.


Jackie F. said...

I did it. I downloaded Kris' Falling Slowly and Adam's Mad World! Bea-u-tiful :-)

Jackie F. said...

Don't wait too long to download. I waited too long last year and didn't get to download David Cook's Billie Jean :-(