Sunday, April 19, 2009

Knitting Content

Going to attempt to forgo the AI Fangirldome for at least one post here. I have actual knitting content to share.

I recently finished the Malabrigo Mitts. Oh the Malabrigo is so soft and yummy. The colorway is Stonechat. I even have a little bit left from the skein. I'll probably turn it into a felted coaster. I'm itching to see how Malabrigo felts. Oooh Malabrigo Hedgie? I've used Knit Picks Andean Silk for H's Green Hedgie. Hmmm. The mitts match the Dean Street Hat I knitted last year. So yummy.

I finished Micro Hedgie. The nose is a larger sized eye per Julane's suggestion at Knit Knite. Thanks Julane! Hedgie is small and cute. I might go up to size 6's on the next one. The Melon one is in hibernation of sorts. It's a matter of getting around to ordering the yarn to finish him up.

I've watched Donnie Darko the last three nights once the kids are in bed. I watched the two commentary tracks as well, hence three nights. The movie is dark but surprisingly enjoyable. It's sci fi and a bit comic book like. Mad World fits into the movie like fine hand honed dovetails. Fabulous song.

Last night I swatched for several summer sweaters. I have a ton of stash old school Cotton Ease that I'm slowly working through. I trying really hard to not buy yarn and knit with what I have already. So I tossed the Cotton Ease stash and came up with 6 skeins of Pistachio, but three each in two different colorways.

So I hit Ravelry trolling for summer sweater patterns. I checked out the Cable 8 top, but I don't have that issue of IK. Then I looked at the Brioche Bodice, I have that IK issue, but it did not call. I considered Latoya but I did not like the straps. Seaberry Shell seemed like it would weight a ton done in Cotton Ease. Even swatched a bit. Came up with nothing.

Today I remembered that Brandy from Knit Knite is knitting Rusted Root. So I checked out Rusted Root and the other Zepher Style patterns. Ah Green Gable caught my eye. I read up on the pattern and tossed the needle stash this afternoon.

Lovely color huh? Yes it's less then ideal but I already have the yarn and I think I will look ok in it once I get a bit of my usual summer tan. It's a happy color.

I'm on Section C already. I'm knitting the medium. We shall see. So far I'm enjoying the knit.

Now to finish the remaining FSM's for Dave, he needs them by May 1st for Skepticamp Ohio at OSU. They are game show prizes. I really dislike knitting multiples. The FSM's are quick, easy and cute but I just don't enjoy multiples. I suppose the Hedgies are the exception, but no two Hedgies are ever exactly the same, even if you try.

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Olliesmomknits said...

Wow!! Is section C far?? I am not far at all on Rusted Root and I think you are out knitting me by far!! ;) Can't wait to see it!! I love the color BTW!