Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well Then

Disco Results Night.

Dave watched a bit. We discussed stage monitors. Looks like there are none, unless there are ones up top directed down on the performers. It's hard to sing in tune if you can't hear yourself.

I must say that Paula was one Proud Momma Bear after that dance number.

Wow that Disco show was interesting. The Ladies were working hard. I'd like to rock heels that well now, much less 20+ years from now.

Certainly did not waste any time giving Lil the boot. I did not watch last year so I have next to know knowledge of David A. I know my sister and Nicholas love him. He is a cutie.

I'm sorry to see Anoop leave. His last sing was the most relaxed I've seen him. It was like he just went f*^& it and sang.

I wish Lil and Anoop every happiness.

So what will be the next week's theme? Each contestant sings two songs right? I'm still hoping for full on Glamazon Adam next week. The man cleans up nice, I want to see him dirty, at least 8PM network TV dirty.

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