Monday, April 27, 2009

You Are Kidding Right?

Today has been total crap. Long, bad day all around.

Two bright spots, today. First H was not injured when a photo frame fell from the wall while I was dusting. There was glass everywhere. Thankfully H was in the very edge of the blast zone. It all happened in slow motion, absolutely terrifying. H and I calmed down then I cleaned up the glass, again without injury. H not getting hurt is a bright spot.

Second was E learned the hand sign for La today at Music and Me. She now knows, Me, Sol and La. This is cool stuff.

Edited to add a third bright spot. We found H's glasses. They were not lost long, but we still had to go to M&M sans glasses. Thankfully they were inside in a usual "I'm going to take them off and put them somewhere and not tell Mommy" location. I knew they were in the family room or in the backyard. Oy, the backyard.

So I'm reading a bit of AI gos about Matt Giraud being in a Jazz ensemble at Western Michigan. I think, Hmmm, wonder if he was in Gold Company. Turns out he was a member of Gold Company, and actually graduated from WMU, don't know the degree. I've already mentioned that I was not impressed with his scatting in a past performance. I'm sorry but a 'former member of Gold Company' should know how to scat. It iwll be intersting to see how Matt handles himself for Rat Pack, aka Jazz standards night.


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