Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I was wrong. I honestly thought that Danny would sweep with his huge irl but not online fanbase. I mentally prepared for a Danny win. I was ready.

I don't wish the man ill, really I don't. I sincerely hope he sees a throat specialist and gets checked out to see if there is indeed damage to his vocal chords.

I am so excited for an Adam/Kris final. Of course I want Adam to win but I would also be happy for Kris. Maybe my wish for an Adam/Kris duet can still come true.

Hmmm. Do I want to get tickets to the tour? I'd put it totally out of my mind until this moment.

On to a few thoughts on the show. I'm going to get a bit fan girl here for a moment. The video of Adam singing at Miramar in front of that big old American flag choked me up big time.

This is one of my favorite videos from that visit. The base Commander looks like a total bad ass, then he proceeds to warmly welcome Adam to the base.

If you somehow missed Adam's a capella performance of the Star Spangled Banner then check this out. He keeps the vocal gymnastics to a minimum and pretty much nails it. I'm a sucker for our nation's patriotic songs.

The Cleveland Singing Angels close many non Holiday concerts with the Battle Hymn of the Republic. At Spring Concert there is always a big old American flag behind us for the Battle Hymn. Alums come on stage and squeeze in with the current Angels. This year Mr Boehm had us marching for the first 8 bars, then the song begins. In the middle interlude we bow our heads all looking up for the somber "In the beauty of the lilies." The song builds, ending with the first Sopranos doing their thing and all of us waving to the crowd as the curtain lowers. Hugs and squeals ensue.

This year I was more choked up during the Battle Hymn on Saturday during our alum rehearsal. After our barbershop rehearsal the alums went next door into the main rehearsal space where the Performing Chorus was practicing. We alums squeezed in with the kids and Mr Boehm started talking about solders coming home from war and had us march in time and I struggled to keep from sniffling. It's a wonderful memory.

So there is Adam in front of that massive flag in in the Bob Hope Theatre at Miramar. The Angels performed with Bob Hope on multiple occasions, including his 70th birthday party.

Oh and Kevin Bacon was in the audience of AI tonight. Everything is connected.

It's just fun to see little connections, here there and everywhere.

I'm just one excited fan girl at the moment.

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Jackie F. said...

All is right with the world -- we have an Adam/Kris finale!!! What does "irl" stand for? I wanna say that Kevin Bacon has visited Idol in previous years, but I'm not sure... What did you mean when you said, "Everything is connected"?

Yay! Next week will be so fun to watch. I can breathe a sigh of relief!!!