Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Shall I dare make a prediction regarding tonight's AI finale?

Adam is still my favorite to win but I have a feeling Kris is going to take the title.

My sister and her roommie watched AI together for the first time this season last night. Allison knew about and liked Adam already having come over to visit a few weeks ago. She limited me to 3 videos, would only watch 3. Anyway. Allie had no clue about Kris. She thought he was absolutely adorable. I agree. Kris is adorable and talented and not buying into the culture war TPTB are so desperately trying to wage between him and Adam.

Regardless of who wins I foresee both getting signed and hopefully having productive careers.

Now to the steaming pile of whatsit Coronation Song. I would not wish that on anyone. Oh it was awful. If there is one unifying factor that brings a large cross section of people together in agreement it's that song. Please don't force the winner to sing that awful song.

That's all for now. Marco is coming over to practice with Dave tonight so that will be fun. We shall see what happens tonight.

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