Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2009 Hello 2010

Oh dear neglected knit blog o' mine. I love you so yet neglect you.

Just did a tally of my FO's for 2009 over on my Ravelry project page. Here is how the numbers go.

Socks 7 pair I think one might be just one sock within the calendar year but it was deliberate for a set of three, it's complicated but no worries.

Sweaters 8, three were child sized, 5 for me. This was a watershed year for me regarding sweaters. I feel that I gained confidence in my construction and fit skills.

Toys 18 total, that's a mix of hedgies and quite a few of the small and fast Mini Aliens. I love knitting toys. Just recounted and I'm counting my 8 (ugg!) FSM's as 1 toy. Oy!

Mittens/Mitts 5 pair

Hats 9, not that many for me this year.

Bags/Bowls/ 3 and one was EPIC fail but was completed.

Shawls 2 I'm excited to do more lace knitting next year.

Dishcloths 19 I was a bit of a dishcloth monster this year. I love kitchen cotton.

Thong 1 it was fun!

Cowl 1 it was ok

Tissue Cover 1 it was stashbusting.

One last project that is the most simple but very special to me is the little square I knitted with Dave. He asked me to teach him to knit. We knit His and Hers coasters out of stash Thick N Quick on size 13 needles. It was quite fun.

Let's see that's roughly 75 FO's in 2009. Admittedly that is a mix of small, quick and simple along with more complex and time consuming projects. Wow. I'm proud of my knitting output this year. Approximately 35 of the items were gifted to friends and family. At least 18 of the items were for E, H and Dave. I'm counting around 18 were for me. I know the math is a bit off, it's ok. I'm looking for trends here not hard, fast data.

I'd say that's a nice mix of knitting for others, knitting for my family and knitting for ME.

I think the next piece is to do some knitting for others outside of my circle of friends and family in 2010. I still want to continue to knit for friends/family, my immediate family and of course myself. I consider myself a selfish knitter at heart. I knit what I want when I want and for who I want.

I made a concerted effort this past year to knit from stash as much as possible. I bought some fab yarn along the way. That's the next thing to track for next year. Am I using stash or am I buying new yarn for specific projects. Another thing to track would be where I'm buying my yarn, recently it's been Knit Pick's, JoAnn's and Knit Knite buddy Kristie.

Ah Knit Knite. Knitting with others has brought unmeasurable joy, inspiration and plain old happiness to my life this past year. I love seeing other knitter's projects and getting to squish yarn and chat about knitting and life in general. Knit Knite is a great group of Ladies and I'm so glad to be a part of the knitting.

Goals for 2010?

Oh I don't know, more knitting, more stashbusting, more skill acquisition and more social knitting. I love Ravelry as an organizational and planning tool. I can map out what I want to knit and see what yarn I have and need for said projects.

Oh and maybe I'll try to blog a bit more. Maybe.

A safe, happy and healthy 2010 to all!

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