Wednesday, July 14, 2010

State of the Knitting Update: Quick & Dirty Edition

Goodness It's been ages, well over a month since my last post. No worries life soldiers on.

Check out my incredibly phallic recorder case I knitted up for E, complete with Hugs & Kisses cables. E picked out the yarn I picked out the cable. I was not surprisingly teased at Knit Knite for knitting on such a naughty looking wip.

It's hard to see but this is my homage to the Twilight Saga. Twilight Cabbage: The Dishcloth. It's a cabbage patch dishcloth knitted in Midnight Magic. See the lovely little cabbages all in neat little Edward approved rows just waiting for a Veggie Vamp to nom on them? Healthy! Eco Friendly! Current!

The Lovely Haruni in Stroll Tonal. I loved this yarn and the pattern and this whole knit. Gorgeous! Fantastic! Great knit! Love the FO. Love the yarn.

Look at that pretty in natural light. It's so pretty!

It's a Noro party! The newest Noro member of the Noro family is 198 yards of heaven. Great little shawlet. It's a little small for me but will be perfect for Miss E to wear with her matching legwarmers. I can wear my Shoulder Holder and we can coordinate but not match exactly. Score! Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE Noro. I can live with the knots and the slubs and the bits of straw, I love this yarn.

Another Mini Alien. He was quick, he was fast, he was dirty. Ok he was not dirty. I love this pattern.

Last up my nearly MONTH LONG Traveling Woman shawl. Knitted up in Malabrigo Sock, oh the yarn goodness. Love this yarn. Had an epic fail on the bind off, dropped two stitches which resulted in a spaghetti like mess. Got the mess back on needles, tinked back a few rows, reknit and rebound off. Success! This wip kicked my butt for a few weeks. Still love the yarn and the pattern and the fo.

I'm currently working on Tappen Zee in brown cotton. This is the third attempt for a summer sweater with this yarn. I had several projects just crash and burn this summer. Two summer tanks, a Citron shawl and a SECOND attempt at Koolhaus. Oy. The frustration! It's all good. I keep on going.