Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tappen Zee and WIP Ampersands

There are still ends to tuck in in this pic but Tappen Zee is all finished. Ok I still need buttons and a nice blocking but it's wearable and I love it and it's finished and it's fabu in my book. Now to get decent pics in natural light at some point.

After crashing and burning with two summer sweaters with this brown cotton yarn earlier this season I was thrilled to get back in the old sweater finishing saddle with this summer cardi. It's a fab little pattern.

Ooooo I love this yarn. Behold my Socks that Rock medium weight in Waterlilies. There has been a bit of an Ampersand sock virus going around Knit Knite, lots and lots of Ampersands. Several Tappen Zee's as well. Yes I'm a knitting follower from time to time. Call me a sheeple but if I see something, especially in person, and I want to knit it I knit it. I'm loving this wip. The yarn is yummy. Yes it's pooling weird, I started the left sock three times trying for a complementary spiral like the right sock to no avail. Sometimes the yarn wants to do what the yarn wants to do.

In non knitting news most of my time is sucked up by facebook and Ravelry lately. I love to read other people's blogs, my google reader is stuffed with loads of feeds, but I am not compelled to blog. I don't feel like blogging about the mundane day to day minutia of life.

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