Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where did August Go?

Bad blogger, spending too much time elsewhere and doing other things. Life is busy and full and I'm on the computer way too much yet I don't blog much lately.

On to knitting news!

I LOVE my Tappen Zee cardi. Love. Love. Love it! I still need to block it a tad bit larger but I've worn it quite a bit and LOVE IT.Recently purchased buttons and embroidery floss to attach the buttons. Thought I would try out embroidery floss instead of yarn or thread to attach the buttons. We shall see how that goes.

I bought buttons and floss for E's little Shalom as well. The sweater is so cute on her. So stinking excited to have matching Mother/Daughter sweaters.

I knit H a dark green vest covered in XO Hugs and Kisses cables. It's a little v-neck and it rocks. We were at my MIL's when he first got to try it on. He would not take the vest off until he had to go potty. Did not want to get poop on it. Granted poop is generally not an issue. The concern was pretty much unfounded but was sweet just the same.

I finished my Ampersands in Socks that Rock medium weight in Waterlilies. Love this yarn. Yes the legs pooled weird, yes I started them several time. Yes it's not ideal but I love them regardless. I have a squish pair of socks for my feet and some yarn left over for the sock yarn bits bag.

I'm currently working on a vest for Dave to coordinate but not match H's green vest. I don't see Dave wearing a hugs and kisses vest. I'm knitting Petrol from Knitty. Carol is a sweetheart. I'm excited to knit one of her patterns. No pics of Dave's vest yet.

In other news.

I'm trying to be more proactive about the Holidays this year. I started my master list and did a bit of shopping back last May. One of my fave Etsy sellers had a B1G1 offer I could not pass up. I hope everyone likes their gifts.

I got my CEO's Christmas Countdown binder all set up last weekend. That helps. Why must some people be so easy to shop for and some so difficult? It does not help that we only see some on our gift list only once a year, if that. It's frustrating. I resign myself to the fact that no matter what I do for the Holidays someone will get their feelings hurt. So I prepare the best I can and try to just roll along through the Holidays.

I've decided to cut out most Holiday knitting this year. Dad will most likely get socks this year instead of a hat. We shall see. There will be no grand knitting plans for the group presents. No dishcloths, pot holders, etc. I'm taking a year off.

Went thrifting today for the first time in ages. Found a super cute little denim skirt. It's a funky little pencil skirt with a bias cut ruffle on the bottom seam. Quite fun. That reminds me...

Project Runway

I'm finally watching Project Runway. Just never watched before. Oh it's fun. Would love to see more of the actual design, shopping, patterning/draping, cutting, stitching, fitting and less of the BITCHING, Backstabbing, Drama but oh well. Makes me really want to actually get my sewing machine tuned up. I've already rearranged my office space a bit to bring in my machine and tools. Want to sew. It's a matter of just doing it. Must turn off the computer more.

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