Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stuff I want to Knit

Look at me blogging!

Spent some quality time with my Ravelry Queue a few days ago. Trimmed it up a bit and reorganized the order. I'm down to 46 possible projects that I'd like to knit at some point.

I took a few notes while I was working on my queue. This is a little early for a New Year knitting resolution list, it's more of a "What I'd like to work on next" open ended type list.

Mosaic Knitting. It looks so cool and complex but you use only one color at a time. Barbra Walker is calling.

I'm following the Walker Treasury Project blog. Now to get the books for my knitting library.

Illusion Knitting. I hear it's simple but I have not tried it yet. It looks fun. The Dalek Dishcloth and the Harry Potter banner are calling to me.

I'd like to keep knitting more socks. Really enjoying the socks. I have a (gasp) decent amount of sock yarn at the moment.

I'd like to try out some new to me yarn. The Cedar Leaf Shawlette is an excellent excuse to buy some Koiju.

Kidsilk Haze is calling. I actually like mohair and would like to work with it at some point.

More lace, I have a decent stash of lace yarn. More shawls please.

Shawl pin. Now to find a cool shawl pin.

Have not knitted a Hedgie in some time. I'm thinking it's Hedgie time soon. Time to try felting in the new front loader.

Allison and I are going to see Lady Gaga in March. I'm thinking I need to knit Louisa to wear for the concert. Or maybe Jordan.

Did I mention Malabrigo? There will be some more Malabrigo in there somewhere.

Otherwise I have a decent little stash. I'm going to keep knitting from stash as much as possible. In the meantime I'm plugging away at Dave's Petrol vest. It's not exciting, but I'm enjoying the knit. I've split for the armholes and am currently working on the back section. I'm thinking lace next. Something a bit more focused. Maybe it's time to go to two projects at a time. One focused and one simple. Hmmm.

I mentioned Malabrigo right? Elysium looks so darn yummy. Wait I did not mention Noro, more Noro.... :-)

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