Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Knitting Year in Review

I'm still here and I'm still knitting and reading and going about my daily business. One thing I'm not doing is knit blogging. Bad blogger. I'm on Facebook and twitter way too much. Oh and Ravelry. Not on Ravelry too much.

I have tallies of my FO's for 2010.

Hats 9

Toys 8

Sweaters, I'm counting both child and adult sized here 11

Dishcloths 17

Blanket, lap but still blanket sized 1

Mitts 1 My Yarn Harlot Yarn winning Twilight Mitts for the Ravelympics.

Socks 3 This feels like a really small number

Phallic Recorder Case 1

Lace Shawls 4 I LOVE THEM ALL

Thong 1

Cowls 7

Felted Bowl 1

Coaster 1

That's a total of 65 FO's for 2010. I'm pleased but it also feels a bit anticlimactic after last year's 74+ number. It's still over one project a week.

I also frogged 5 items in 2010. Sometimes a project just does not work out. It's ok. There might actually be one or more additional trips to the frog pond that I did not put into Ravelry. When I crash and burn I crash and burn.

Knitting Goals

I jotted down the following list a few months ago. I did not date it. Who knows maybe I blogged about it. Regardless I'm going to go through it. I've accomplished a few.

Mosaic Knitting, I've done a tiny bit of this in the Linoleum Dishcloth. It's a fascinating technique.

Illusion Knitting, I knitted a little Hegwig dishcloth for Allison. It's a fun technique. The next step is to knit the big HP/Harry Potter illusion knitting banner for Allison. Need to get yarn first.

More socks. I can't believe I only knit three pairs. All three rock and I loved the yarn for all three. STR medium weight, Noro sock, and Stroll Tonal.

More Lace. Always looking for more lace. I love lace.

Shawl Pin. I have one! I'm wearing it now! I love it!

The Walker Books. Because Barbra is a visionary and a treasure. I will enhance my knitting library stash at some point with All of the Treasuries, From the Top Down and Mosaic Knitting.

Sub to Vogue Knitting, I go back and forth on this one.

Hedgies/Felting. I have not knitted a single Hedgie in over a year. Mind Blowing. I have felted in the new front loader. I'm thinking I will be hand felting from now on. Otherwise I love my washer.

I want to check out some new to me yarn.

Malabrigo, no longer new to me. How about some Twist and Rios.

Koiju PPPM, it calls a siren song.

Kidsilk Haze. Yes I want to go full out you can't tink this sh*t Kidsilk Haze.

Allie and I are going to see Lady Gaga and the Scissor Sisters this coming March. I want to knit something for this show. I have some ideas. It's a matter of making a decision, buying yarn and knitting. I'm thinking something lacy to go over something else.

I'd really just like to keep knitting, keep trying out new yarns Publish Postand learning new techniques.

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Robin said...

I am humbled by your achievments. I've only done half that number. Be proud- some people do none