Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two Posts in Two Days

Wow a new blogging record. Two posts in two days. Imagine!

Got to head back to Knit Knite after a two week hiatus. So nice to be back. So much yarn to squish. We have a new member who also does bead work. She had some of her work with her. Gorgeous. I love glass. So pretty.

I finally sewed buttons on E's Shalom Cardi and my Tappen Zee Cardi. Pictures eventually.

Yes I'm a broken record but I love my Tappen Zee Cardigan. It's just fabulous for summer/fall. I love the brown cotton. I love the pattern. I'm thrilled with the new buttons. Just love it.

I'm less then 2 inches away from the more interesting bits on Dave's Petrol sweater vest. It's bottom up with no shaping, yawn. I get to separate the front and back and the v-neck soon. I held it up to his torso earlier tonight. So far so good.

Maybe it's time to start blogging regularly again. We shall see.

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