Friday, January 10, 2014

Ravellenic Games

Time Machine time.

Venture back with to 2006.  The Yarn Harlot had a vision. A vision of a Knitting Olympics to coincide with the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Tracy was still alive. 

I knit her Shedir.

I miss Tracy.  I miss her so very, very much.

Fast forward to 2008 I knitted a pair of Monkey Socks. Ravely started the Ravelympics . Yarn Harlot did not host a Knitting Olympics since it was the Summer Olympics.  Decent pair of socks. I'm not much of a sock knitter but I completed the challenge. I knitted for Team Mine, Team, Ohio, Team Obama, and Team Tardis.

Onward to 2010.  I knit a pair of Twilight Mitts.  I even won a skein of yarn from The Yarn Harlot's stash in that Knitting Olympics.  I still have the yarn. It has a place of honor in my stash. Someday I'll knit with that yarn but not now. I also participated in the Ravelympics. At this point the Ravelympics had grown in size and complexity.  I knit for teamgk2.

Has it only been two years since 2012 when I knit Three Ravellenic Hedgies? Summer again.  Participated on Ravelry.  I knitted for TeamG2K2012.

Each year I challenged but did not seek to overextend myself.  I've enjoyed the games.

Time Machine back to Present Day!

WTeverlastingF is going on over on Ravelry?  Casey continues to have to deal with non code monkey related drama.  The man is a saint.  

I'm not going to even pretend I have any idea of what went down behind the scenes for this year's Ravellenic Games group to become the Formerly Ravellenic Games group, as of 1/10/2014.  I've been following along in the Sherlock group.   Even before this latest event I knew I'd be participating in the Sherlock group created RAINBOWLLENICS CHALLENGE.   I don't know what I'm knitting exactly yet but I know I'm knitting something Rainbow.  It's going to be stash Palette or I might go wild and buy some Bernat Mosaic in the Rainbow colorway.  We shall see.

No matter what happens with the mechanics of the Ravelry group I'm knitting for the Rainbowllenics Challenge.  Personally I'd like to see the rules relaxed for the Ravellenic Games and go back to something more akin to Yarn Harlot's first games. Fewer rules for events and basically following Wheaton's Law, Don't be a dick.  Again, we shall see.

In the meantime I have my next knitting project to arrange. I'm between projects.  (gasp) I have a blog to ignore. Oy!  Most importantly I have a family to love.

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